Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank GIF It's Mother's Day

And so we come to Mother’s Day, the most important event in every woman’s diary (maybe even life?). In much the same way that Precious compresses a lot of serious social problems into a linear structure that we can all digest, so it is that Mother’s Day invites us to compress all the affection we feel for someone (and if you don't then you're fucking weird and don't deserve love?) in a way that they can digest (and if they don't get anything they're worth less than other people?). I mean otherwise we’d all go around telling people how amazing they are all the time, or like just being generally nice to them cause they make us happy or something. What kind of a world would that be? Anarchy on the streets!

So thank you, Mother’s Day, for letting us substitute acting like proper human beings on a regular basis with tossed-off gestures like buying your mother a few chocolates or a single disc DVD with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler in it (order it now!).

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