Friday, February 26, 2010

The call is coming from inside your cell phone!

One Missed Call (2008) & Saw V (2008) & The Unborn (2009)

What’s with all these films then?: I don’t know I just saw them all at around the same time and thought I’d be lazy and tie them all together with some kind of unifying thread. I considered the representation of women in the horror survival genre, but Katherine Heigl beat me to it with The Ugly Truth. Then I thought about discussing the role of religious iconography in supernatural mysteries, but I saw a shot of Heidi and Spencer’s big church wedding on The Hills in the corner of my eye and went momentarily blind.

So instead I settled on this unifying thread: All of these films are kind of shit! They also all feature Meagan Good mostly getting killed by evil children (wow Good year for you Meagan! Eh eh?). That’s really just a secondary theme though. Multilayered!

Reasons to watch any of these films:
One Missed Call
1) There is a cell phone exorcism.
2) For that moment when you realise “Oh Jesus, that IS Ed Burns”.
3) Meagan Good totally gets killed by a possessed-child-ghost or something!

The Unborn
1) There is a Gary Oldman spooky church Nazi exorcism.
2) You must finish what began in Auschwitz!
3) Meagan Good totally gets killed by a possessed-child-ghost or something!

Saw V
1) There’s no exorcism! This film is so boring that I actually skipped forward to a hand moving slowly through a buzz saw. And I hate gore though apparently I hate being bored even more. Life lesson for me!
2) Two of the main characters look exactly the same, which is confusing. Not as confusing as trying to figure out who watches these films though.
3) Meagan Good doesn’t get killed by a possessed-child-ghost or something but she does get killed so I’m glad she was allowed to show her range of totally getting killed in terrible horror films.

To summarise: I don’t think her name is short for Meagan Good Career Choices. Also who the hell is Meagan Good?

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