Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Monkey Business

My Monkey Baby (2009)

Featuring: Baby monkeys, strange Americans, condescending filmmaking

What’s all this then?: I’m sure these things are just as common in the US and Australia and so on but in the UK they have this thing called Channel 4 that has a knack for tracking down strange people, filming them going about their strange lives and going “Look, aren’t they STRANGE?!”. I think they’ve actually stopped trying to pass them off as documentaries now and kind of acknowledge them as exploitation pieces. Or at least I hope they have. Anyway this one is about people who buy baby monkeys and treat them like children.

Say what?: When I was young I asked for a pet monkey every time Christmas or birthdays would roll around but obviously I never got one cause of reality. So My Monkey Baby should have been right up my alley. But My Monkey Baby threw up in my alley. I’m glad that the option was never there for my parents to get me one and it scares me a lot that people with money (AND STRANGENESS!) to burn can have whatever they want. I’m not judging though. FOR SHAME AMERICA.

That being said: These couples were all very very nice to their monkeys and there was no sign of them treated badly or anything. And throughout the whole thing the monkeys were basically the same way Michelle Rodriguez is in films, meaning “Hey, I know this weird lady just put make-up and a dress on me or whatever but end of the day I’m still a monkey/Michelle Rodriguez. I’m aware of that”.

Dumbo moment: There’s a scene where the young couple come to pick up their tiny two week old baby monkey from the breeder and they go in to see the mother in her cage. WHILST CARRYING HER ACTUAL MONKEY BABY. She freaks out and they don’t seem to know why. Sniff.

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