Saturday, October 24, 2009

This season has been very home-sewn bridesmaid Oktoberfest

Project Runway US – Season 6

Featuring: Um… I’m not sure, I can’t really remember anyone.

What’s all this then?: So take everything that was good about Project Runway – the bitching, the interesting characters, heck even an actual good designer or two amongst the crap – then reinvent it with a bustle made of pure bore-ganza. So dull it’s almost - wait for it - AVANT-GARDE.

Say What?: Yeah I have to say that I’m a bit baffled. It’s almost like they, and yes I’m looking at you too Heidi Klum, set out with a commitment to choosing not only the least interesting group of people that could be found personality-wise, but also the least memorable in terms of design or talent. Quite a feat really when you think about it. Then, as if to fully urinate from a height on the good will that’s been created with the discovery of designers like Christian Siriano, the eliminations happen completely at random with consistently poor designers getting dragged into the last half of the series over people who seemed like they could at least sew competently. And that’s pretty much all the praise you can heap on these big sacks of blah.

Could learn a thing or two from: Project Runway Australia. Or at least the second season of it where they assemble a great group of characters, many of whom you’ll enjoy both loving and hating, and then throw one ingeniously evil challenge after another at them. Oh and some of them are amazing designers as well. Go figure! In another twist, and I’m pretty sure this would never happen in America, not alone an American reality show, the strongest designers actually support one another through the challenges and encourage eachother to become better at what they do. It leaves you with a finale featuring three designers you’ll not only like but also moves closer to a genuine emotional pay-off than you thought a show like this ever could.

Surely I’d miss Heidi though?: Nah. Not a bit. It’s like she always says – one day you’re in and the next day…

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  1. even Michael Kors is boring as fuck this season. What up.