Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I see. No wait, I don't...

In this time of economic hardship that we now find ourselves, it's good to know that people are getting their priorities straight:

Casual female student to teach contact lens use

Job description:
Looking for a Uni Student (female) to tutor how to "put in' and "take out" contact lenses (hourly basis on a Saturday or Sunday).

I have been putting-off using contact lenses and whilst having received instruction at the Optometrist, I have not tried to wear contact lenses and am pretty hopeless with them. Also, because I wear glasses, if I dropped a lens I probably would have trouble finding it again. Hence the need for a personal tutor to demonstrate contact lens handling and application.

Ideally looking for a student, who obviously wears contact lenses, to provide me with weekend lessons and I envisage a month to six weeks for me to become confident with them.

Hourly $ rate negotiable.

Around $150 in totoal [sic]

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