Friday, March 6, 2009

Your face, or mine?

Fast Food Fast Women (2000)

Starring: Anna Thomson, Jamie Harris, Louise Lasser, Robert Modica

The Gist: Bella is an eccentric woman staring down the barrel of her 35th birthday. She works as a waitress where she’s nice to everyone, including the stuttering Polish prostitute who works the street outside the diner. She’s having sex with this disgusting guy who I remember from somewhere. Some crotchety old men eat at the diner and complain about life. With sexy results.

And then what happens?: The thirty-something people date eachother but screw it all up somehow and end up sleeping with the sixty-something people. The sixty-something people also date and manage to screw things up then wind up in bed with the thirty-somethings. It’s not so much about the characters learning life lessons but the film itself saying in a non-cutesy, non-irritating, non-Something’s Gotta Give kind of way that people will always have sex and be confused about what it all means, no matter what age they are. And it doesn’t shy away from showing the older couples making out, which earns it major points.

See it for: Anna Thomson’s face. It confused me at the beginning of the film but now I’m totally fascinated by it. She’s also the woman I described as being like Angelina Jolie’s drag queen grandma in Water Drops On Burning Rocks. Surgery or just cartoon-ish features? Either way it’s my new favourite face and she’s got a great “meh” quality here that’s very endearing.

Level of Crazy: 7. If you only see one slightly odd inter-generational comedy this year, make it this.

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