Sunday, March 8, 2009

We'll always be together/Together in an effed-up dream

This Dream I Had Last Night

Starring: Quentin Tarantino, A sofa, A billboard for Watchmen

The Gist: A group of people are watching a film where there’s a serial killer on the loose, and it’s this crazy girl with a machete who’s covered in blood and just kills everything. So you think she’d be easy to spot right? Wrong. This film is apparently Reservoir Dogs 2, but then it’s not anymore cause it’s real and she actually is going around killing everyone, including two kids like in When A Stranger Calls.

And then what happens?: I wake up on a sofa that’s been left on the side of a busy road, like the one I pass on my way to the library. The sofa is right in front of a giant graffiti-ed billboard for Watchmen which is part of a huge movement to graffiti every billboard in the world. I feel compelled to photograph it and show people. Then I remember the crazy machete woman, which is a total drag cause I found the billboard storyline more interesting. I go back in time somehow and the children are saved. Then the machete woman isn’t a woman anymore but a man with emo hair. Disappointing conclusion I think, even for a dream.

See it for: This is what happens when you can’t sleep for a few hours, spend the time sitting awake wondering the best route out of your house in the case of fire/machete-wielding intruders and then fall asleep.

Level of Crazy: 8. I’ve had better.

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