Monday, March 23, 2009

Like if Amy Winehouse had a child with a Dickensian villain

Russell Brand: Scandalous
Melbourne, 21st March 2009

Starring: Russell Brand durr, Australian sluts

The Gist: Russell Brand’s live stand-up show where he waxes lyrical about that whole Jonathan Ross thing. You know that thing where England WENT INSANE and BECAME AMERICA. It was almost like the conservatives of England had gotten tired of the US hogging all the “we’re crazy and hypocritical” glory, what their crucifixion of Janet Jackson’s nipple and whatnot, and decided they’d show them how mass hysteria is really done.

And then what happens?: Brand does have a kind of Marmite quality and I’ve been known to flip flop between loving his antics and being totally irritated by him. On that note I’ll say that based on this he‘s clearly insanely talented. There aren’t too many comedians around at the moment who can throw so many creative, antiquated expressions into their cock jokes. Also the world kind of needs people like him who’ll do a section on the best death threats he’s received. And who’ll actually respond to said death threats with a homosexual advance. And we definitely need someone like him presenting the VMA awards where the people around him are clearly so far from reality that they still insist on thanking god (yes, that god, the one they believe created everything) for winning an award for Sexiest Under-age Female or whatever.

Funniest part: The excerpts from his aborted VMA script. He reveals that from the point at the beginning where he mocked George Bush he realised that he couldn’t possibly say any of the things he’d written and would have to improvise the rest of the live awards ceremony to a packed house of humourless Americans. Then he reads from the original script. Suffice to say, Britney would have cried. A lot.

Level of Crazy: 9. Less talk of bumming next time perhaps.

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