Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dental Dam It

Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (2007)

Playmobil men in tank tops

The Gist:

They’re happy and gay like you wouldn’t believe,
With lesbians, a baby they try to conceive,
Ouch, I just spilled some hot tea all over my sleeve.

And so on.

And then what happens?: Little toy people being mean and gay to eachother. I’m not sure if straight people are allowed to laugh at this, it’s kind of a grey area. It’s like whether white people have permission to laugh at that Ebonics Delta commercial. Everything is painfully accurate, and just about three degrees north of reality, so you and your gay friends will have a whale of a time, but if you find you’re the only straight person at the tea party then you might be conflicted. That being said maybe all the references to fisting and whatnot would fly over your head anyway and you can just appreciate the bitchery. Everyone loves that.

See it for:
Dana the Lesbian. She’s everything you know you’ve met a dozen times before but can’t joke about cause she’s just too much of a stereotype. I haven’t seen the last series of The L Word yet, I’ve heard it’s insane so I’m hoping she turns up and punches Jenny Schecter in the face.

Level of Crazy:
6. I love this song!

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  1. I've added this one to my DVD list. I'm assuming the name is a reference to this: - which was made into a film in the 40s - all tres interesting