Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Salt Lake City Limits

Latter Days (2003)

Starring: Steve Sandvoss, Wes Ramsey, Rebekah Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (rarr), Jacqueline Bisset

The Gist: A completely conventional romantic comedy. You get star-crossed lovers that are totally wrong for eachother, kooky friends of various races and last minute dashes to the airport - all of it. The difference here is that Kate Hudson (Ramsey) is a big gay man-slut in LA and instead of Matthew McConnaughey (Sandvoss) not being able to date her cause he made some bet with his grandfather’s ghost, it’s because he’s a closeted Mormon missionary sent to convert people in the big bad city. And they don’t take too kindly to the gays back in Utah, even if they are adorable.

And then what happens?: Not many laughs if I’m honest, which means it’s even closer to most rom-coms than the synopsis above gives it credit for. But I’m perfectly content not laughing along to something heartfelt like this than not laughing to Kate Hudson cashing some cheques and setting feminism back to zero. I promised myself this wouldn’t turn into a Kate Hudson rant, so I’ll stop there. For now. Anyway, in terms of the real world spectrum of romantic comedies, where Before Sunset represents a ten and Failure To Launch is one, this is about a six. Bad things happen, people have actual conversations about stuff and it doesn’t all end when they both realise they’re meant to be together. Overall it’s kind of lame but it gets points for effort.

See it for: I’m not of the generation of gays that swoon at the sight of someone like Jacqueline Bisset but I think I remember her from trashy Danielle Steele adaptations my mother watched when I was growing up. So it was nice to see her swanning about this film, clearly injecting the homosexual adulation straight into her veins. This is as the world should be, given that for the most-part gay writers are the only ones who realise that actresses still exist after the age of 35.

Level of Crazy: 1. 10 if you’re Mormon. But if you are then what are you doing watching this sinful filth Elder?!

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