Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Revolution is My Boyfriend

The Raspberry Reich (2004)

Starring: Susanne Sachsse, Dean Stathis, Daniel Batscher, Andreas Rupprecht, Anton Z. Risan

The Gist: Pfft. Em, Gudrun (Sachsse) is a ker-azy socialist revolutionary trying to bring about a “homosexual intifada” by getting her boyfriend to have sex with any other man in the vicinity. She believes that “there cannot be revolution without homosexual revolution”. But she’s really just a stand-in for director Bruce La Bruce so it’s more likely to be his agenda. Or not, I mostly think that this whole mess means absolutely nothing despite containing more philosophical and political soliloquies than any film you’ve ever seen. And then there’s all the sex…

And then what happens?: La Bruce’s other films include No Skin Off My Ass, The Post Queer Tour and Give Piece of Ass a Chance. So you know you’re in good hands. About an hour in, the other guys I watched it with had this exchange:

Guy A: German people are hot.
Guy B: Well yeah, they’re all German porn stars.
Guy A: What?!

That made me laugh, mainly cause there really is so much sex in this film but all you’ll remember are the long epilepsy-inducing montages and monologues of people spouting socialist rhetoric. It’s kind of hypnotic. Brainwashy even.

See it for: There’s an early scene where this guy makes out with a rifle in front of a giant print of that iconic Che Guevara photo by Alberto Korda. The film later got banned for not clearing the image rights for use. Which is ironic cause now I’ll think of this film every time I see it graffiti-ed on a wall or on some stupid t-shirt or while I'm occasionally bored watching that very long Stephen Soderbergh film.

Level of Crazy: 8. Bugged out and funny. And then there's all the sex...

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