Monday, February 23, 2009

Pas Plus Vous M'apportez Des Fleurs, Salaud!

Water Drops On Burning Rocks (1999)

Starring: Bernard Giraudeau, Malik Zidi, Ludivine Sagnier, Anna Levine

The Gist: A curious young chap with a mop of red hair gets picked up by a vain old gay (complete with jaunty cravat!) on his way to see his fiancé. Which kind of rhymes. They end up moving in together and create a dynamic where the older guy treats him like the husbands treat their wives on Mad Men and the younger one lounges around the house ready to cook dinner in a lovely pair of lederhosen. And not kinky lederhosen either, if that’s even possible.

And then what happens?: They cultivate a really unhealthy relationship where they bicker constantly and bitch and moan about every-little-thing. The guy’s ex-wife/former lover stops by the house every so often which is fun cause the director has decided that she should resemble a fragile old drag queen. Like how Angelina Jolie will look in about five years. It’s divided into acts and my computer decided to eat the disc as the third one was ending. The fiancé had just shown up and gotten crotchy with the redhead while Mr Cravat was away on business. Which means I’ve probably missed lots of catty French people screaming at eachother. Sad face.

See it for: The last half an hour so you can let me know how it ends. I’m rooting for the older guy cause he’s such a total arse.

Level of Crazy: 8. Look at the poster. Bottoms, teehee.

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