Saturday, February 14, 2009

I don't trust you, weird leprechaun creature.

Fimfárum (2002)

Starring: The voices of Ota Jirak and Jana Wericha

The Gist: A collection of short stop-motion animated fairytales from the Czech Republic. I know, I’m surprised you haven’t seen it already. Anyway, you know when stories like The Pied Piper were being read to you as a child? Remember thinking wow this is kind of dark and scary and I’ll be sure to steer clear of pipers from now on? And then when you went back and read the original versions of Grimm’s fairytales and discovered they were much darker than your parents let you in on? Fimfárum is like that. Except it made me laugh out loud several times.

And then what happens?: It’s always good to get a refresher course on the life lessons people tried to impart on you from a young age. Simple things like don’t be mean and miserly, don’t cheat on your nice husband, and above all be wary of whether the weird magical leprechaun creature down by the river really has your best interests at heart. Perhaps the leprechaun guy represents the free market economy? Discuss. In between that you get funny little animated characters being mean to eachother, the meanest of whom ultimately get their comeuppance. I don’t know about you but that’s comforting every once in a while.

See it for: There’s a scene in the story called Mean Barbara, about this nasty old woman who won’t help out the village school by donating some of her money. One night the schoolmaster thinks he’s accidentally killed her and tries to dispose of the body. Then other people find the body and try to do the same. After several switches this hunter guy winds up carrying the bag with Barbara in it instead of the deer he killed. The part where he proudly presents the kill to his wife by dropping Barbara out of the bag still makes me giggle to this day.

Level of Crazy: 7. Oh, be nice.

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