Monday, February 2, 2009

Good thing I go golfing with Doc Ock

Hideaway (1995)

Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Christine Lahti, Alicia Silverstone, Jeremy Sisto, Alfred Molina

The Gist: Goldblum plays Hatch Harrison (I know, right?), a guy who is pronounced dead after a car accident but then suddenly starts breathing again. All seems to be well until he discovers that HE BROUGHT SOMETHING BACK WITH HIM. His wife (Lahti) is concerned and his mid-nineties teenage daughter (Silverstone) is all “Gawd Dad, couldn’t you have just like died and stuff and not gotten in the way of my totally now Pearl Jam and flannel-shirt-wrapped-around-faded-jeans obsession?”.

And then what happens?: He starts having visions of all these crazy mid-nineties murders and believes he may be blacking out and committing them himself. Then he gets a vision of Silverstone humping the bar at some trashy mid-nineties club. Did I mention mid-nineties? Good. Silverstone reacts to all of it - herself and her family almost dying, her dad going crazy, this creepy guy (Sisto) in leather pants coming onto her, the creepy guy then kidnapping her and taking her to his mid-nineties murder-lair – with a facial expression my viewing companions and I labelled as “Guh” Face. I now use this to express displeasure in everyday life.

See it for: Besides Guh Face there’s an amazing moment in the final (terrible) CGI battle where Goldblum falls down from a high place and looks up to see Alfred Molina’s outstretched hand. His face at this point expresses only one thing: Alfred Molina?

Level of Crazy: 2. Only 2? Guh!

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