Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh wait, now I have AIDs.

Degrassi High: Season Two (1989)

Bad Blood: Part Two

Starring: Condom machines, 80’s moustaches, Life lessons, Spike from Degrassi Junior High

The Gist: It’s SPIKE FROM DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH AND HER WAY-CUTE BABY! SHE’LL TEACH US ABOUT CONDOMS! Ahem. Sorry, Spike was the "Teen Pregnancy Bites" poster child of the first season and she’s here with her own stunning hair and a baby, talking about condoms. Dwayne is now waiting on the results from his blood test. He beats up a condom machine in a fit of rage. The machine defends itself by going back in time and giving him AIDs. Possibly. I’ll keep watching.

And then what happens?: Dwayne has HIV, not full-blown AIDs. BLT (right?) finally breaks up with Michelle, sadly without the use of his hair. They have a big fight in the cafeteria. Neither of them knows what the other is talking aboot. Dwayne and Joey have a fistfight in the bathroom. More fantastic clothes are worn by all. Kathleen suggests that condom machines in school are wrong cause when other people know you’re having sex it’s embarrassing. The condom machine defends itself by going back in time and making her mousey and annoying.

See it for: The end where Dwayne blackmails Joey not to tell anyone about his HIV. With $314. So now Joey can put a down-payment on that great white car. Everyone’s a winner at Degrassi.

Level of Crazy: 7. Less crowd shots = Less crazy outfits to enjoy.

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