Friday, January 30, 2009

Would you like another Tilda Swinton with that?

Teknolust (2003)

Starring: Tilda Swinton, Tilda Swinton, Tilda Swinton, Tilda Swinton, Jeremy Davies, (and there might be another Tilda Swinton)

The Gist: Tilda Swinton, in big googly glasses and a bad wig, is a kooky scientist. Tilda Swintons in various other bad wigs are the clones of the original Tilda Swinton. The Tilda clones live in a sealed off color-themed research area in Original Tilda’s basement. The Vampy Tilda clone has to leave the compound every few days to collect semen. This can only be done using her mouth. She then takes the specimen back to the other clones as they need it to survive. Confusion ensues. For all concerned.

And then what happens?: I’m trying to remember what involvement, if any, the Tildas had with Jeremy Davies. He may have been edited in from a different film where he’s this sad guy who works in a copy shop and he can’t even get that right. I’m glad they added it to this bizarre cocktail cause by itself that would have been really dull. I also should add that Teknolust sounds like much more fun than it really is.

See it for: The Tilda clones want to impress their “mother”, Original Tilda, with this song-and-dance routine they’ve come up with. Then for a few minutes the film becomes a music video of Tilda Swintons badly green-screened side-by-side dancing randomly. They finish and Original Tilda smiles and says “that’s nice” or something. Then the film continues on its merry way. Quite.

Level of Crazy: 8. It’s wackadoodle but loses points for the footage from that aborted Jeremy Davies pilot.

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  1. Hey Lorcan - this sounds so awful I may actually have to buy it!