Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just Another Misty Mundae

Sick Girl (2006)

Starring: Angela Bettis, Misty Mundae, Jesse Hlubik, Marcia Bennett

The Gist: Bettis is an odd little scientist obsessed with big creepy insects. She’s nice to everyone, including her mean old neighbour, and does what they say until that one scary bug she has (you know, the one with the potential to infect everyone?) escapes and can’t be found. Just as she should be worrying about this development she meets a nice girl (Mundae) who TURNS HER LESBIAN. Ain’t it always the way?

And then what happens?: Cause this is the kind of film where we the audience know more than the characters on-screen, for no other reason than they appear to be very stupid (scientist or no scientist), we're aware that the gross bug is hiding out in her apartment somewhere. It’s usually in her bed. So one night when that nice LESBIAN is staying over, the bug extends one of its antennae into her ear and starts to control her. The ear starts to look extremely pus-filled and infected but Bettis never notices. Probably cause she’s a LESBIAN now, science-ing and having a brain goes out the window. This is what the film is telling me.

See it for: The girlfriend is left alone in the apartment one night and the bug comes out of the pillow. She allows it to “do things” to her. Down there. Those darn lesbians, what will they do next?

Level of Crazy: 9. Ewww.

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